Thursday, February 11, 2010

Muslimah t-shirts from my sister

Salam... my sis is selling some pretty cute muslimah t-shirts...these are the photos for the tshirts, with available sizes and the price...

1. AQ103, sizes: 1 M, 1 XL, price: RM42

2. AQ 104, sizes: 1 M (only!), price:RM42

3. AQ120, size: 1 XXL, price: RM39

4. 125C, sizes: 2 S, 1 M, price: RM42

5. AQ125D, Sizes: 2 S, 1 M, price: RM42

6. AQ127A, sizes: 1 L, price: RM42

7. AQ113 Purple, sizes: 1 M, price:RM39

8. 115B brown, sizes: 1 XL, price: RM39

9. AQ115C, sizes: 1 S, 1 L, price: RM39

Pardon the blurry images of the last three photos. I couldn't get the clearer image from the website...

So, since photos hardly represent the real thing besides the pattern, here's a reference of size for anyone who's interested...

This self-acclaimed model is wearing S, since she's skinny to the bone (rolling eyes).. if u'r interested in any of the above t-shirts, u can imaginarily compare ur size to this perasan model, okay... if u've decided on buying any that u like, please message me on facebook and we'll discuss on payment and delivery... tq for browsing (and buying, i hope! hehe)... :)

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