Saturday, May 1, 2010

my poor Baby White... :(

okay, first of, i don't have a baby. and no, it's not a name for a pet, either. and not of a stuffed toy too.

Baby White is actually the name for my car. yeah, yeah, i named my car, baby... is that a crime? i even named my laptop Baby Blue, so go figure.
Back to Baby White.
here's a pic of it... i don't even know why i blocked the plate number. safety precaution, i guess...

this pic was taken by a friend of mine whom i met after five or six years of not seeing each other. and he took this pic with a wide grin on his face, saying: " lawo la keta mu, rodie."
yeah, yeah, lawo-lawo la. here's Baby White now...

look at that cute chubby cheeks yang dah broken... isk...

this happened on 27th april 2010, a few days ago. i was on my way back from secret recipe, buying cake for one of the staff at work who's just been trasferred to a different department. i was driving not at my usual speed, kira slow la sebab kat depan tu traffic light tengah lampu merah, so rilek je, when suddenly this satria from my left tetiba gatal nak buat uturn, x tgk side mirror, and bam! i hit him! hard! i didn't even know if i braked or accelerated in my shock, but i heard me screaming to myself and still at that time i remembered about the cake and my hand flew about trying to save it from skidding down to the floor of the car... it did not fall of, but then, the cake tetap penyek jugak... :(

some smoke came about after the crash, so one of the pakcik witnessing the accident asked me to pull over and cut the engine. i got out of the car and this was the sight that greeted me...

isn't that the saddest sight u ever behold? isk... :(

okay, i might be a tad overboard with drama, here...

i'm still grateful, though. Alhamdulillah, i'm fine. and the other driver's fine too. and he seems nice enough. x tau la kut lepas ni nak kena handle insurans apa segala, he won't be nice anymore. hope, he's not like that.

so, i spent the rest of the day until almost 8.30 pm in the night dealing with police report. and i took the next day off (emergency leave, actually), taking my baby to the hospital. oh, okay, sorry, i take it to the hospital everyday since i work in a hospital (duh, tepuk dahi!), what i meant here is, i took it to the workshop (the hospital for cars). and the perodua agent said it might take a month to fix Baby White! A Month! how am i going to live on for a month without my baby?!

oh, okay, melodramatic again... (sheepish grin)

but then, seriously... susah juga, kena pergi kerja guna kereta abah... dah lama wira tu tak jalan jauh, cuak jugak terasa.. ummi and abah pun jadinya tak de transport la every weekdays, kesian.. tapi x tau dah nak buat apa lagi... setakat ni, Alhamdulillah, wira tu boleh cope, ummi and abah pun okey je... :(

kesian pergi tengok Baby White the next day, dia duduk kat tengah-tengah padang dikelilingi all other shiny brand new peroduas... mesti dia rasa inferior dengan pipinya yang dah pecah... :(

okay, okay, dramatic again.. mana la kereta ada perasaan, ye idak? but still, it's my baby. my first ever car... of course, i'll be a little bit carried away with sadness... :(

Pray everything will be fine in the end... one good thing came out of this, though. i got to listen to my old collection of cassettes again, since abah's car boleh dengar kaset, bukan cd... ihih... lawak pulak terasa... anyway, as a reminder... whatever happens ada hikmahnya... ni Tuhan nak tunjuk... nothing we created is perfect... and people make mistakes tak kira masa, tak kira tempat... even when cautious, accident can happen, so, be careful... a reminder for u and me, okay... :)

still, i miss it so, so much!! Aila, Baby White, cepat-cepat la baik!!!


  1. alaa siannya myvi, nasib baik nor takda apa apa...lamanya sebulan tu..dakpelah, next time lebih hati hati okay, kekadang kita okay, orang lain pulak problem...

  2. yup... so true... tu la yang kena alert as a panther all the time, bak kata omputih... hehe..