Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what irritates me

okay, this topic came from yesterday issue on morning crew i was driving on my way to work and listening to JJ and Ean who were asking people what irritates them the most. and there was this one guy who called up and said what irritated him the most was malaysian who drives malaysian-made car but modified it to be foreign car. which i totally agreed.
i mean, come on. we know u're driving a wira, what's the use of pretending it's a mitsubishi lancer? we know u're driving a kancil, what's the use of saying it's daihatsu mira? we know u're driving a myvi (i'm proud to be driving one), why's the trouble of making it into passio? if malaysians will not be proud of their own making, who will, then?
i'm not saying malaysian cars are so good, engines mantap habisan, design lawa gile. the cars have their flaws. but then, the fact that we can make them on our own should somehow overlook the flaws. i believe our automobile experts are learning and studying and continuously improving. if u really want a really good, established engine, buy a toyota. save ur money and buy a honda. why waste the money on remodelling malaysian cars? if u want superb design, save ur money and buy a bmw.
i'd like to share my experience travelling to bangkok a while ago. me and my friends were walking at its mrt station, minding our own business, when suddenly we kinda stopped dead on our tracks. there, on numerous pillars supporting the station were banners and banners of proton exora displayed to public. i guess thailand had just imported exora at that time. we did notice a few savvy on the road before that. to be honest, i'm not really a fan of proton. i'm driving a car which i've made fun of once (apa da myvi, gemuk, belakang x lawa la, chubby pelik la. but now that chubbyness makes me love my car so much, cute!). yeah, so i was not really a fan of perodua, either. my dream car used to be honda jazz. now, it's upgraded into toyota camry hybrid. but back to bangkok, standing there, at a foreign land and staring at the banners of exora just brought a proud big grin on my face. just like that. and i mean, i don't even like exora.
there. what say you to that?
maybe, the saying 'hujan batu di negeri sendiri, hujan emas di negeri orang, baik lagi di negeri sendiri' struck a strong chord in my heart. maybe the fact that we were standing on foreign country brought a stronger sense of patriotism? maybe. i wouldn't be caught gaping at posters of exora if i saw it plastered in my hometown. i wouldn't even be gaping at the exora itself. there.
but, i just came to realize that we should be proud of what our country's achieved, so far. we made and branded our own cars. yeah, so maybe thailand have camry hybrid bersepah di tengah jalan. i mean, vios kat sana dibuatnya jadi teksi. i was gaping at those cutely painted pink, orange, green, blue, red vios taxis the first time i got there. but then, toyota is a japanese brand. and so is honda. and bmw... huh, bmw brand mana ye? i'll ask my eldest sis (wink2)... thailand didn't make its own cars, at least not yet. and the country's bigger than ours.
so, point to ponder here is this: if u're about to modify ur malaysian made car, just stop for a moment and think this: who are u? what are u made of? would u change ur face to be branded as someone else's? and what the hell r u doing wasting ur money when u could have saved it and bought a lancer or at least a vios, instead? there. i think, i've made my point.
and i haven't yet said what irritates me the most. hah!:)
okay, so, what irritates me? at that point of time when JJ and Ean were discussing the topic, the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that i have to go to work. yeah, it irritates me that i have to go to work every day. i'm lazy these days, not in the mood, seriously. the only thing that i look forward to every morning is driving to work, not work itself. but then i got easily irritated when there was a slow car on the right lane, and that pissed me off even more. because it spoiled the only thing i enjoyed doing everyday.
and why didn't i enjoy work these days? i honestly don't know. maybe because of the increase of workload. the increase of expectation. the increase of responsibilities. or, maybe i'm just not cut out for this. maybe i'm meant to be something else. not a pharmacist. i've lost interest in what i'm doing on daily basis. i only appreciate the knowledge i gain from this line of work, not the job. and yeah, i do appreciate the paycheck too.:)
and that is the sole reason why i have to keep doing this. because of the money. don't get me wrong, when i'm facing patients, i do care for their well-being, i try my best, but to really go to the depth like clinical pharmacist usually do, no. i don't have the energy, don't have the strength, don't have the passion for it. so sorry to say that.
so, what irritates me? the fact that i don't like my job right now irritates me. because it shows that i'm not grateful. and that is not good. to prove it even more, here i am blogging when i should be working. God, i'm such a bad person, aren't i?


  1. saya pon...argh...bosan keje. x progresif langsung..huhu. apparently we're in the same boat..

  2. yeah... camne ye? tak bagus environment macam ni la... tapi nak buat camne, malas giler... maybe we're destined to be something else, eh? u're the photographer and i... heh, apa la boleh nak jadi?