Tuesday, March 23, 2010

books i have that i haven't yet read or haven't yet finished reading

here's the list, are u ready??

1. nicholas spark's Dear john: i've read a chapter. i bought the book mainly because it becomes a movie now, so i have this habit, you see, i like to read the book before i watch the movie it based on, so that i can compare between the printed version and the silver screen version. and usually the printed version is always, always better than the silver screen version. examples: harry potter, obviously, jodi picoult's my sister's keeper, the other boleyn girl...
2. nicholas spark's The lucky one: my bangkok friend, k herie recommended this one for me since she's a sucker for anything from nicholas spark (yup, something i didn't see coming. i never expected this girl's a romantic type, but she is, hehehe..) haven't read it yet, though.
3. sophie kinsella's Twenties girl: i've flipped through this one and i already know the ending, heh! (yeah, it's something i do as a rule for reading: read the synopsis, read the beginning, flip through the middle and read the ending. i know, bad reader!)
4. Ransom my heart by princess mia of genovia, which is actually meg cabot's famous character from the princess diaries: a romance, something i don't do these days. i've bought the book last year and still haven't read it.
5. cecelia ahern's The gift: i haven't read it yet, i know, shame on me. i suspected it to be a good book. cecelia ahern's always have a way of touching people's heart. i bought this one last year too, isk!
6. jane austen's Persuasion: i've wanted this book so badly before i got it that when i have it i couldn't find the time to read it! does that even make any sense to you? guilty again.
7. randy pausch's The last lecture: a book about life, which i also suspected is a very good book. an inspiring story. only i'm not inspired enough yet to read it, duh! ( i knock myself on the head.)
8. Love letters of great men: okay, to be honest, i only bought it because it was mentioned in the satc movie. i read some of the love letters too. the one from king henry to anne boleyn was something... lord byron is well, lord byron. i don't think i need to elaborate on that. but no, i haven't finished reading it yet.
9. jodi picoult's Change of heart: i haven't read it yet. it's my eldest sister's suggestion. it's hers, actually. she said it's good. and i trust her judgement, because hey, she was the one who introduced me to the hobby of reading english books back when i was in primary school. and that was a year when it was very, very difficult to persuade a young girl to read. much more a young malay girl to read an english book. salute to her, then. come to think again, it still is difficult to persuade youngsters nowadays to read anything readable... double duh!
10. louise bagshaw's Passion: another of my eldest sister's suggestion and yup, you guessed it, i haven't read it yet. i've flipped through, though. could be good, could be uhuh... i'll find out, don't worry.
11. johanna lindsey's No choice but seduction: yet another of my sis suggestion. yet another i haven't yet read. it's a romance. have to admit i'm not much into romance these days... heh...
12. zabrina a bakar's Life is an open secret, you me and we: yup, a mouthful of title, a mouthful of stories. good lessons told in the simplest forms, in jokes, in quotes, in phrases. definitely a good book to have. i've read a few short stories in it. it's something you have to read and just stop for a while and ponder about it. a book that leads you to think. nice.
13. dr danial zainal abidin's Qur'an saintifik: i've read a few chapters. have to stop for a while and ponder hard on things too. have to just close my eyes for a while and think. open ur eyes to a whole new world, i would say. makes you say this one word over and over and over... Subhanallah...
14. siti nor bahyah's Hadiah buat muslimah, panduan asas fiqah untuk wanita: i haven't finished it yet. have to go from one chapter to another slowly, and practice it. it's not something u just read. it's something u have to do what u read.
15. dr zulkifli's Himpunan hadis modal insan: nope, haven't finished it yet too. definitely not a light material to read, so it takes time.
16. random house's Treasury of best-loved poems: have read a few poems in it, have even selected my favorites, but really haven't finished it all.
17. jane austen's Pride and prejudice: hahaha, yeah, i'm laughing out loud. because i already know the story. (i mean, who the heck doesn't know mr darcy?) i've watched the movie version of it countless times and still haven't finished the book. bite me. yeah.
18. Wuthering heights (i forgot the author): good book, i think. much like the collection of jane austen's . not much of a sucker for classics, but i fell head over heels in love with frances hodgson burnett's The secret garden and A little princess, louisa may alcott's The little women, lucy montgomery's collection of Anne of green gable stories, so yeah, maybe i can tolerate a little dose of jane austen's and that wuthering heights in time...

there you go, i think. the list will grow, i suspect. but it will shorten slowly. have to have some time. and that is not something i get so easily lately...
and oh, yeah, have to add another point. just received these magazines i recently subscribed, which i haven't even opened yet (rolling and rolling and rolling my eyes).
1. four copies of newsweek
2. national geographic mag
3. knowledge mag
4. and soon to arrive, discovery mag.
triple duh!!
have to stop blogging now for that ever-so expensive time to spend... r.e.a.d.i.n.g.!!!

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