Saturday, July 17, 2010

blogging versus journalling...

okay, untuk mukadimahnya, honestly, i don't even know what blogging means. i guess it comes from the word 'blog', so i think 'blogging' means writing in a blog. while journalling, eheh, that was just me making up a new word. which i choose to define as writing in a journal. how easy is that to increase your vocab, eh?
so, i've heard about blogging a looong time ago, but never had the time nor the interest to try it. until last year, when my sister got to further her study down under to melbourne, australia, and she wished for us here in malaysia to know what she's been up to through her blog. so i registered into and became addicted to it. heh.
suddenly i discovered the channel i can get through to release out what i feel, what i think. and this is what i use my blog for. this is what i'm blogging.
what i'm trying to say is, i personally think there's a difference between blogging and journalling. some people use their blogs to write their everyday stories, much like their publicised diaries, their open-to-public jounals. they write what they eat, what movie they watch, what place they currently are, post pictures and stuff, so on so forth. that for me, in my own definition, is journalling. i don't do that. at least not here. my journals for me are much more private words i wrote in my own private documents, which i'll never publish here. but then, those journals do not contain the typical what-i-eat, what-i-watch, where-i'm-at stories either. because frankly saying, those everyday stories of mine are basically boring, repeat-mode routines. you surely don't want to read the same thing over and over and over again. heh, if you see me and my everyday life, you would say i'm pretty much a boring person.
on the surface, yes. inside, not so sure. this is where this blog comes to focus. because in a way, this is how i express out my feelings, i tell you my opinions and sometimes my ideas. this is the only way i know to do that. because even though friends would say i'm pretty much an easygoing person who talks too much sometimes (maybe most of the time, heh!), but not all what i talk about has the substance of what i actually think. no, i'm not a hypocrite, God forbid, but somehow, i find it hard to say out loud my ideas, my opinions, my knowledge and my feeling about things. it's easier here. writing it out in a blog. outside this channel, i prefer to be the silent listener. only now and then sharing what i think verbally.
so yeah, if friends scold me or tease me, my response would be a little bit delayed. there are times, a lot of times when i find myself replaying back the conversation of the day and thinking of the best retorts. but then, it would be too late to say them, so sometimes i write them here, some in my personal journals, some i just tell God. because He always listens.
this, blogging habit has become the channel for me to complain, the method for me tell you out there that there is a brain inside this hard skull of mine, and it's actually working 24/7, every second of everyday. so, maybe i prefer the general idea of blogging. writing whatever that comes to mind in my blog. and skip out the boring everyday routines. and maybe that is why this blog is hardly updated everyday. since what comes to mind which is significant enough to be written here does not come everyday. only certain time. when i observe certain something. hear certain something. read certain something. think certain something.
saying all that, you'll realize that you will hardly find my daily routine here. you will hardly read about what i do for the week here. it's just something someone else do too, out there, so what's the point of wasting your time reading about it here too, rite? you do it too.
as a conclusion, i'm just saying that my daily life is basically the same as anyone's. what i think, what i feel, however, might be different, might be the same, i dunno, but that, you might find here. if i feel like sharing. if it's too much to bear alone. if i have the time and in the mood to write it all out. if and only if... yeah. till then.


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    Blog anda bagus dan bermanfaat...!!! Teruskan menulis dan memberi info.. Semoga sejahtera dan sentiasa diberi keberkatan olehNya.. wassalam.

  2. wa'alaikumsalam.
    terima kasih.. moga apa yang ada yang elok boleh diambil sebagai pengajaran, yang silap boleh tolong perbetulkan.
    terima kasih sekali lagi kerana menjenguk blog tak seberapa ini...:)