Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good bye September...

okay, i planned to post this yesterday. but knowing me these days, i'm not so much of a writer. much less a blogger. which would answer your unspoken question on why i have been missing these past days... eheh...
so, SePtEmBeR... tell you a secret, i have always loved september. i dunno why, or maybe i do.. it's because i celebrate my birthday every 1st of september, and almost always, through out the month, i'll be very happy, claiming it MY month. heh... a bit crazy, if you ask me, but what the heck?
but then, this year's September proved to be much more challenging a month than the rest of its predecessor.
it started off with the end of Ramadhan and i looked forward to the house swarming with my siblings and nephews and nieces on raya. a tad bit late since the house was only full on the fourth day of raya but still it was a happy raya. one of the happiest, i would say, and we also took family picture this year, with everyone in it, yeay! (which is not yet done, though, duh! :( ) anyway, that was the good part of it. the good part of september this year.
the not-so-good part of it was just lurking around the corner...
so, i have to take over some extra work from my colleague who was going for her maternity leave. she safely gave birth to a baby boy on 3rd of september, friday, the date of my last post. even that one particular post was a trial for me. that shocking news... and happened in september too... :(
moving on. the work. i must admit, i didn't look forward to it. this colleague of mine is in charge of the buying and supplying of medicines and medical supplies, something i sure as heck not familiar with. challenging. very. i have to learn something completely new and alien to me. but, i like the learning part. because i always like to learn something new. the responsibility that comes with it, the answers i need to have prepared for the big boss to ask me questions, and the reports i need to do are the things which pretty much scared me after raya. heh... so far, i took it in a stride. almost well, staggered a little here and there, but pretty much it was a smooth ride, Alhamdulillah.
which brings us to the next not-so-good thing. my boss is transferred away!!!!!!! uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! uurgghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo saaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!
okay, enough howling.
that howl is not supposed to be on sarcastic note, mind you. i'm genuinely sad my boss is moving away, i barely slept for weeks. and when i did sleep, i dreamed of the transfer. pathetic. yeah. i couldn't help it. my boss is practically one of the nicest, coolest, calmest person i ever met, and believe me i haven't met that many people like her. and i ask you, how many woman do you know can be a nice, cool and calm boss? heh, yeah, you get me there. even i am not such a nice, cool and calm person, and i'm not even a boss yet, hah!
the transfer is kinda sudden, quite a blow, i would say. it's a good thing for her, because she gets to work closer to home. not such a good thing for us here i would say, stuck with uncertainty about the one replacing her. lets just say, the first week was like a quiet storm brewing in, waiting impatiently to swarm us all in its swirling thunder, rain and lightning. heh. i guess we've been living too long under the sunshine, we were pretty much caught off guard when the storm decided to crash in. don't understand the metaphors? heh, good. i don't intend to elaborate, anyway.
it's changing season. and it happens in september. my favorite month of every year. it's pretty much a lot of things to take in, all at once, i'm not all that sure i can do that. i guess it's time for me to get the heck out of that comfort zone, ey? be vulnerable again? be cautious again? not such a good idea to look forward to... :(
but then, people don't say life's a cycle for no good, concrete reason, right? it is a cycle, and you can't be stuck at the top all life long. you'll go down, once in a while, and only when you're down, you'll struggle harder to make it back to the top, right? oh, yeah, again with the metaphors. sorry. what i mean is, life or destiny or fate or more correctly, God has to push you down, once in a while, force you out of that comfort zone, blanket you with darkness and block out the light once in a while, so that you can reevaluate your life. your value. your purpose. right? you'll put on effort you haven't tried before. you work harder, you work longer, you think faster, you become smarter, just to get yourself back on top. and then you find reason behind God's beautiful creation of day and night. the creation to lead us to think that not all things go on as they are. they take turn. day and night. rain and dry. top and bottom. sunshine and storm. all under His will. to make us think. us, who are blessed with the beautiful creation we call akal. beautiful, isn't it?
so, i'd say, september this year brings me a lot of new things to ponder. september this year leads me to reevaluate myself. find my value. find my purpose. find Him. :)
it's still a sad goodbye. september will always be my favourite month of every year, though this year's proved to be much more challenging, it broadens my perspective too. it teaches me to take good and bad things in a stride, believing with all my heart that He will help me all along. and when you believe that, what else matters? right? yeah... :)

p/s: by the way, Linkin Park's new album came out on 14th of september, so that's another good thing about this year's september, heh. am listening to it right now, in fact. i'll tell you all about it in the next post, okay... :P


  1. September also marks the month we had to deal with the presence of a new boss.
    You're doing pretty well taking over Ja's work. So don't fret. :)

  2. yup, the storm..heh...
    thanx, dear... trying so hard not to fret, though... cepatla raya aji... :)