Friday, September 3, 2010

To the one who passed away...

He was on number 2 in my entry I posted a few months ago.
He was Mr. I.
He was the one I stalked for three years, starting when I was in form three, going on until form five. Never wavered direction.
He was the one who made me smile by just having caught a glimpse of him in that red van on our way back from school.
He was the one who made me smile throughout the day by just having caught a glimpse of him anytime during school.
He was the one I dedicated a few girly poems to.
He was, basically, my first taste I had at having a crush on somebody.
He was, really, my first taste I had at having my heart broken (or so, I thought) when he ignored me. But, I realize now, he just didn’t want to give me false hope.
He’s gone now, though. My best friend just broke the news to me this morning. Accident. He’s been in coma for almost two weeks, she told me, and today, finally, he slipped away. On the blessed day of Friday. During the blessed month of Ramadhan. May Allah bless his soul.
Hearing this news, it was shocking, but somehow, the first thing that came to mind at that time this morning was that I’m glad I parted in good term with him.
You see, he ignored me back at school, but when I was in my first year in college, he suddenly contacted me. The usual exchange of greetings, him asking me how I was doing, but then I remembered his last message to me. He told me to be in touch with him, whenever I needed a good friend to talk to and at that time I felt he was sincere. I knew I found a good friend in him. I didn’t contact him since then, because I moved on, but that was one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me. And I remember that again, today. With tears in my eyes.
It was shocking, him being gone. I could only imagine how his wife and family are feeling right now. He was a good man. They are lucky they got to know him more than I had. I only wish I could tell them that.
And today also, I found this hadith:
Abu Hurraira reported that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, "Remember frequently the thing that cuts off pleasures," i.e. death." [Tirmidhi].
We remember those who passed away and we should also remember our time will come too, one day. Cherish every day you have as long as you’re breathing and find ways to do good, to gain His blessings. And pray that He will forgive us and those whom we love.
Ya Allah, bless our friend’s soul, please forgive his sins and rest him in peace with those whom You love. Ameen.


  1. sedih dengar citer ni..berlinang airmata kakti..mesti dia seorang yg sangat baik..doakanlah kesejahteraan rohnya dan semoga familynya juga tabah..

    ni pengajaran utk kita yg hidup bahwa mati pasti untuk yg tua dan muda..kita tak tau nasib kita nanti camne kan..

  2. ehem..anyway dik, whom is 'Mr Q' in your prev entry about your Mr stories..relative huh??

  3. tu la... kawan noor citer arwah ade baby, baru 5-6 bulan kut umurnye..siannye kat wife dia...
    mr.Q tu anak noor kumalasari yg hensem gile tu.. sekali tu je pun dia pernah dtg rumah... hehe..