Friday, July 9, 2010


1. favourite surah from al-Qur'an: surah Alam Nasyrah or some mashaf named it al-Insyirah
2. favourite verse from al-Qur'an: 'Sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan' ~ (ayat 6, surah Alam Nasyrah)

And the list for favourite worldly goods...
1. favourite tea: earl grey
2. favourite milk: anlene 4 times calcium choc flavor
3. favourite rice: fried
4. favourite food: lasagna
5. favourite drink: tea
6. favourite clothes: baju kurung
7. favourite pants: still jeans
8. favourite t-shirt: my pink with white polka dot muslimah t-shirt, a gift from my eldest sis, and a t-shirt dubbed to look like a pyjama by her husband. :)
9. favourite shoes: sneakers
10. favourite socks: er... cotton ones. :)
11. favourite teddy: baby pooh (sorry baby pinky measles, sorry mr aussie, sorry pinky froggie, sorry johnny, sorry mr argie, but baby pooh is always the one i grope for to hug at nights, heh!)
12. favourite tudung: still the bawal ones
13. favourite watch: swatch
14. favourite books: hlovate's
15. favourite hlovate: rooftop rant
16. favourite philippa greggory: the constant princess
17. favourite paulo coelho: like a flowing river
18. favourite judith mcnaught: a kingdom of dreams
19. favourite sophie kinsella: shopaholic and baby
20. favourite cecelia ahern: where rainbow ends
21. favourite dan brown: angels and demon
22. favourite jean sasson: desert royal
23. favourite j.k.rowling: harry potter and the deathly hallows
24. favourite francine pascal: sweet valley high senior year number em... er... i forgot the number, but the one when jessica wakefield got back with jeremy aames. sweet!
25. favourite classics: the secret garden
26. favourite charles dicken: nicholas nickelby
27. favourite jane austen: persuasion (and this is based on the synopsis of the book, since i haven't read all her books yet, heh!)
28. favourite malay literature: hang tuah collections my father wrote. i grew up with them, but i don't know where the books are now... :(
29. favourite self-written story which i haven't had the courage to publish or let anyone read, yet, maybe never...: dffa (which isn't even finished yet, heh!) i enjoy writing the rest of the stories, nevertheless, but this one is kinda special to me because of the memories. :)
30. favourite quote: 'to live well or live hell? we choose' ~ rooftop rant, hlovate.
31. favourite poem: remember by christina georgina rosseti
32. favourite linkin park: leave out all the rest
33. favourite fort minor: the hard way
34. favourite dead by sunrise: walking in circles
35. favourite onerepublic: all fall down
36. favourite nickelback: gotta be somebody
37. favourite nirvana: the man who sold the world
38. favourite nasyid: damai yang hilang
39. favourite raihan: peristiwa di subuh hari
40. favourite fareast: melakar cinta di pintu syurga
41. favourite hijjaz: lukisan alam
42. favourite rabbani: pergi tak kembali
43. favourite yusuf islam: i look, i see
44. favourite series: one tree hill
45. favourite one tree hill: got two, the one when nathan turned from the bad boy snob into a good boy because he fell in love with haley. and the other one was when lucas got back with brooke and called her pretty girl again, because frankly saying, i don't like peyton so much. heh!
46. favourite classic movie: ever after
47. favourite strategical movie: the italian job
48. favourite action movie: s.w.a.t
49. favourite romantic-comedy: sweet home alabama
50. favourite anne hathaway: ella enchanted
51. favourite natalie portman: the other boleyn girl & where the heart is
52. favourite artist: mike kenji shinoda, because he's a well-round talent. he can sing, he can rap, he can play the guitar, the piano, the table-turner, effortlessly, he can draw and he can write. and he got a degree in something too (graphic design, if i'm not mistaken) so, that proves he's smart too, besides his obviously brilliant lyrics.
53. favourite quote to patient: "pokcik/mokcik ade anok ke cucu dok jage dumoh, boleh tolong bace care2 nok makang ubak ni?"
54. favourite quote to self: 'berhenti berangan, noor, please!'
55. favourite harsh words: used to be "tengkorak hidup ko berjambul!" now, i try to be silent. :)
56. favourite curse: used to be "shit!" now, i try to be silent, too. :)
57. favourite leisure time activity: used to be reading. now i alternate that with writing.
58. favourite phone: sony ericsson
59. favourite smart phone: htc
60. favourite laptop: acer
61. favourite digital camera: sony cybershot
62. favourite hard disk: seagate
63. favourite dvd player: philips, because it's the first one that had the divx format. now, the rest of them do.
64. favourite channel on astro: star movies
65. favourite toyota: camry
66. favourite treasure: baby white. which is my car. i talk to it, you know. like lindsay did with herbie. :)
67. favourite baju kurung: cotton
68. favourite jeans: my flare-cut levi's
69. favourite cosmetic: heh, i don't wear one, do you believe that? lipstick makes my lips go dry the second i apply it on, so i have to opt for the simple lipice lip balm. mascara runs down my cheeks the minute i wash my face. eyeshadows are hard to wash off, and i can't have them everyday because i need to have a clear face for my wuduk, and foundation, heh, never like the cake-like feel of them on my skin. so no, i don't have favourite cosmetic. well, maybe, that lipice lip balm, then. :)
70. favourite cleanser: sk2
71. favourite tooth paste: colgate
72. favourite tooth brush: still colgate
73. favourite mouthwash: colgate plax for sensitive something. the pink-colored one. i like it, because first, it's pink heh. and i like how it tastes like carbonated drink when you gargle it inside your mouth. :)
74. favourite soap: johnson's baby milk wash
75. favourite shampoo: loreal with the royal jelly one, the one with the cream-colored bottle. i forgot it's real name.
76. favourite hair color: dark brown (not that i ever color my hair!)
77. favourite eye color: grey (did i ever color my eyes? does colored contact lenses count? of course, hahaha. so yeah, i did. but they didn't last for more than a month, so i stopped.)
78. favourite color: must i say it out loud? PINK! heh!
79. favourite bad habit: speeding. trying to improve that, really. got two bad experiences already, my poor baby white... :(
80. favourite human-made thing so far: the multi-purpose clothed boxes. the one that came with a top, and the one which is made into multiple tiers drawers, which you can use to store basically anything. you can find it at watson, most of the time, and giant too. :)
81. favourite internet line: celcom since my wireless at home not that compatible with my laptop. :(
82. favourite good habit: drink plain, warm water before sleep, every night.
83. favourite chocolate: cadbury's turkish delight
84. favourite secret recipe: hazel cheese cake
85. favourite snack: kuaci
86. favourite self-written poem: metaphor of life
87. favourite self-written lyric: ashes of life
88. favourite keys on the computer keypad: page up, page down, home, end
89. favourite keys on the phone keypad: space
90. favourite feature on the htc touch pro: notes. because i can write anything in it. ideas for my stories, reminders, numbers to have with me all the time. :)
91. favourite sci-fi movie: star wars la, come on!
92. favourite star wars character: yoda. he's cute. and the way he talks in reverse is way cute and rare! :) and yeah, he's very, very good at fighting too, may the force be with you!
93. favourite starbucks: caramel machiato (is that the right spelling?)
94. favourite backpack: tropicana life
95. favourite time spent which i don't have very often: alone time at the airport while waiting for a plane, listening to my music in my ears, minding my own business and observing people around me and going to the bookstore and sembonia boutique. :) yeah. that's my ideal alone time, besides the one i spend with this laptop.
96. favourite time spent which i do have quite often: curling in my comforter in bed, hugging my baby pooh tight. :)
97. favourite country (s) i want to be at: makkah and madinah. you can find solace at no other place, believe me. :)
98. favourite time i look forward to everyday, now: solat time. because that is the time when i can express how i feel, what i think, i can plead to the All-Knowing, the Almighty, anything. and it's my time to rest after a hard day at work too. to have a peace of mind. you hardly can find it at any other time, believe me. :)

so, there you go. sharing with you my list of 100 favourites. what do you think? don't use it against me, though, okay? :)

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