Thursday, May 21, 2009

my ferraris...

okay, first, i don't have real ferraris...that would be an awfully wealthy of me if i even have one real ferrari, so no i don't have a ferrari. not the real-life size one, anyway.only miniatures.
and i arrange them nicely on the dashboard of my car. which is not a ferrari, mind you, but a mere myvi. a special edition myvi which i named baby white.and i still love that little tiny car of mine as if it's a ferrari. and sometimes (i lied, most of the times, actually)i push it to break the limit as if it's actually a ferrari.hahaha...
so, back 2 my ferraris.there are a few reasons why i put them in my car.
first, i want to make the impression that my car is not really a lady's car, which i am. (a lady, i mean, not a car).most ladies tend to put a whole lot of stuffed animals, flowers, cute throw pillows, remarks like 'this car belongs 2 a princess' or something like that in their car as decorations, but those are too girly and too risky, in my opinion. we ladies have 2 admit we don't know that much about cars and the opposite sex tend to bully (or pretend to help us knowing cars) us about it. and if people (with bad intention) suspect that a car belongs to a woman, they tend to go forward with their intention. if they doubt the owner, they'll have a second thought about harming it. so basically, my little ferraris are protecting and providing the security for my little real-life size myvi. that's the first.
second, they are more like of a symbolic figure. we know ferraris are fast cars and i have 2 admit, i drive fast. well, at least for a ferraris are my way of telling people that BEWARE, this girl knows how 2 speed. and having to travel 45 minutes back and forth to work everyday, i'm gaining a whole lotta of experience with it. and a whole lotta of curious glances from it. but, the hell with it, i enjoy driving and i enjoy speeding. as long as i'm still careful and as alert as a panther, i'll be fine, God willing.
and third, well, i just gave u my third reason.i love driving. ferraris are for people who enjoy driving so i'm one of them. they symbolize that for me. my passion.hah! that used to be myvi's motto. it's a passion. really is.
so, there u go. about my ferraris... ni agak2 boleh masuk tak dalam syllibus karangan SPM? panjang semacam je ek?kuikuikui...

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