Thursday, May 21, 2009

i love 2 write...

well, in case you haven't already grasped that fact from my very long essay of ferraris and my babbling, here it is. i love 2's my passion too.i have many, believe me, and from time 2 time i'll tell u about it.
there's something fulfilling and releasing about writing, don't you think? i even believe i express myself better in writing than i ever do in a speech.
when i get angry i write poems of anger and that kinda cool me. when i get depressed i write dark, gothic poems and cry in the bathroom and that soothes me. when i get happy or inspired, i write poems of wisdoms or a whole novel or a draft for it and i smile like an idiot reading them back. when i get bored, i read back what i wrote and thought back on the reasons i wrote them in the first place and that brought along bittersweet memories.
so, what i'm saying is, writing is something precious. sacred, even.not many people are gifted to write with many adjectives and get bestsellers from it.not me. but at least, i get relieved from it. and i get happy.
anyway, that's the point of a blog, right? for us to write and write and write and write... the only way for us, losers at public speaking, to express ourselves in a different, but equally effective way.
that's the point of facebook, myspace, friendster... we write to keep in touch with friends. voicecalls seem like a million years away. but hey, i still call my friends when i miss listening to their voices and happy chatters. but most of the time, sms or instant messaging is my way of showing my friends that i miss them.
and that is another precious gift, we have, dear readers. our friends. that's my passion too, but that, is to be continued...

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