Thursday, May 20, 2010

My mother's hands...

Those were the first thing that I saw,
When they touched my face,
Caressed my heart,
And smoothed my hair,
My mother’s hands…

Those that held me close when I cried,
That fed me to be who I am today,
That drew me close for a hug,
That touched me soft for a laugh,
My mother’s hands…

Those that pulled me upright when I fell,
That taught me how to count,
That guided me how to button my dress,
That showed me life,
And a whole thing inside it,
My mother’s hands…

Those that I miss when I’m alone at night,
I miss their warmth,
I miss their softness,
I miss their gentle touch,
My mother’s hands…

Those that I kiss,
For support and strength,
For guidance and lesson,
For love and assurance,
My mother’s hands…

Those are the most beautiful thing I ever seen,
I ever touched,
I ever known,
My mother’s hands…

Rodhiah Rahman 060904…

well, this is supposed to be posted on mother's day, but then my mind was preoccupied with something else that day, so i kinda forgot. heh. anyway, i wrote this a while ago, actually. that was the exact date, sixth of september 2004. i couldn't really remember why i wrote this in the first place, but i suspected this was written when i was away studying, 2004 marked the second year i was in college, so i suspected this was written when i was homesick and missing home and missing my mom. :)
i guess it's something to be shared, eh? i mean we went through the same stages in our life. along the way, there's always that pair of hands guiding us along. our mothers'. yeah, we had our moments. we had those times when we thought we could stand on our own, those times when we thought we were old enough to go through without those hands to pull us upright if we fell. those times when we secretly said in our mind, just leave me alone and let me be. let me make my mistakes. and yeah, we did make mistakes. but then, those hands always come to guide us back where we should be, where it's right to be. however big that mistake can be.
there are times when u give them the silent treatment, when they give u the silent treatment. how it hurt like @#$% when both things happen. i still remember that time when i got trasferred to a district hospital quite far from home. i was fine with it. i was during that phase when i said, yes, finally, i got to stand on my own two feet. but, then my mother gave me the silent treatment. the longest i ever remembered. and during that time, i found myself crying with no reasons at all, just the tears slowly trickling down, most times, unexpectedly. until she started to speak to me again, then i began to smile again, those tears gone. just like that.
so then, i came to realize, no matter how hard you try to prove to yourself that you're grown up, you're independent, deep inside there's still that little child inside you who'll always need your mother. who'll always need that pair of life-worn hands.
Hadith Sahih Muslim narrated Abu Huraira who reported a person said; 'Allah's messenger, who amongst the people most deserving of my good treatment?' Rasulullah s.a.w said; 'your mother, again your mother, again you mother, then your father, then your nearest relatives according to the order (of nearness).'
Rasulullah repeated 'mother' three times as the person most deserving of our good treatment. then, barulah father. that's how important, how high, how noble a mother is to a muslim. for ladies, when they're married, the role is transferred to their husbands. their husbands are the person most deserving of their good treatments as long as the husbands obeyed Allah's rules. but for men, its' still their mothers. the rule doesn's change for them.
so men and unmarried ladies, appreciate your mothers, please. go to them, kiss them, kiss their hands and ask for their forgiveness. because even a word 'huh!' you said to them made you unworthy of paradise. yes, you may make mistakes. yes, you may lose your temper. but don't ever forget to ask for their forgiveness. because only their forgiveness will earn you God's forgiveness.
for those who lost your mothers, it's okay. there's always a prayer. doa. pray hard for them. pray for their forgiveness from God, for their souls to be placed in the holiest place, close to Him. A prayer is always the best gift you can give anyone. dead or alive. here and hereafter.
so, well, yeah, i'm still living with my parents. at times i do feel restrained, i do feel trapped. but then, i remembered one person at an optometrist shop said to me, i'm lucky to still be living with my parents, because i have the chance to take care of them the way they took care of me when i was little. thinking back, she was right. not many peole were given that chance. to give back what was given to them unconditionally long, long time ago. so, in a way, i'm actually lucky.
and yeah, i'm very lucky to still have someone to wash my clothes and prepare me dinner everytime i got back from work too, heh! :)
i guess, they are still taking care of me eh? not yet the other way around? hehehe... :P

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