Monday, April 19, 2010

Metaphor of Life

i wrote this approximately 4 years ago. it came about back when i was still studying, and our class decided to start a faculty's magazine. and one of my colleagues, merangkap the editor said that the magazine lacked literature works, especially in english. my three best friends simultaneously pointed a finger each at me, saying i could do one. they knew how much i love to write.
at first, i decided to write a short story. i was a bit homesick at that time, so i really wanted to write about the beach in terengganu. i ended up with this poem, instead, considering a short story describing how i miss the beach would sound kinda boring, if not stupid... eheh...
and then i showed it to my three best friends before i decided to give it to the editor. you know, just to know their opinion on it. they didn't give me any. they just kinda look at each other unbelievingly... heh, it was funny. they were the one who made me do it. but, never mind. maybe they were just dumbfounded and shocked that i could actually do it. i showed it to another friend. a close friend. she read it thoroughly. and read it again. i asked her what she thinks about it. she looked at me in the eye and said: 'it sounds lonely'...
that was her exact word. lonely...
and come to think of it, when i read it again, it is. a lonely poem, that is. so here it goes:
Here I am,
Standing alone,
Darkness overwhelm,
But I hear a sound,

Faint at first, and then stronger,
It comes rushing, and I stumble,
It washes past me, and I shiver,
Chilled and frightened, I do nothing but wobble,

Just as I’m about to strengthen,
Bigger and louder, it comes again,
My hands flail around, but there’s no hold to gain,
And I fall hard on my back, crying out in pain,

With anger and determination consuming,
I stand back up, glaring at nothing,
I hold my ground, waiting,
When it blows again, this time,
I stand without even flinching,

And so here I am standing,
Still alone, trying to look around,
Shading my eyes as the light is blinding,
But then I hear a familiar sound,

I see it clearly now as it comes, nearing,
The waves curling, bubbling white,
I dig my feet and smile defiantly as the sun rises, shining,
Brilliant, vibrant and bright.

This is a metaphor of life as I see it,
Even in darkness, alone and you are falling,
All you have to do is fight it back to the last bit,
As there is a bright side coming to almost everything occurring.

Penned by: Rodhiah Rahman, 290306.
does that sound lonely to you? it still does to me. :)
but, i guess, being alone makes you stronger. being hit by hardship makes you stronger. being able to come back up on your own two feet without even a hand outstretched to help you makes you stronger. in the end, that is what matters. the thing that makes you stronger. even when you're alone. find it, then you can say you live a life. okay? :)

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